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Reforgix is a dynamic gaming company dedicated to bridging the gap between gaming’s past and future. Our passionate team of developers and visionaries strives to breathe new life into forgotten gems, honoring their legacy while leveraging modern technology.

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Legend of Ares Alpha Test: A Resounding Success!

The alpha test for Legend of Ares was a resounding success, achieving several key objectives:

  • Generated valuable player data and feedback: Player engagement in quests, bug reporting, and community interaction provided crucial insights for game improvement.
  • Identified areas for improvement: Player feedback pinpointed bugs and gameplay aspects requiring refinement, allowing for a more polished Beta experience.
  • Validated core gameplay loop: High player engagement demonstrates the core gameplay mechanics resonate with the target audience.
  • Forged a strong community: Positive player interactions fostered a supportive community, promoting brand loyalty and potential player retention.

Looking Ahead: With these valuable learnings in hand, the development team is now hard at work crafting an even more engaging Beta experience. Stay tuned for further updates!

Official Legend of Ares US Publisher

We're thrilled to announce a monumental milestone for Reforgix as we embark on our maiden voyage into the world of game publishing. It is with great pride and passion that our team reveals our partnership with MGame to bring the beloved classic "Legend of Ares" to the gaming community in the United States.

Legend of Ares holds a special place in the hearts of our team members, serving as a cherished memory from their childhood gaming adventures. With this partnership, we're not only fulfilling a dream but also embracing a responsibility to honor the legacy of this timeless title. Our commitment extends beyond mere publication; it's about preserving the essence of a game that has captivated players for generations.

At Reforgix, ethical growth is not just a principle; it's a cornerstone of our philosophy. We recognize the profound impact games can have on individuals and communities, and we're dedicated to fostering a gaming environment that prioritizes inclusivity, integrity, and player well-being. That's why, alongside our publication efforts, we're actively involved in the development process, collaborating closely with MGame to ensure that "Legend of Ares" receives the care and attention it deserves. As we introduce this beloved classic to a new audience, we pledge to uphold these values and ensure that every player's experience is enriching and fulfilling.

This partnership marks the beginning of an exciting journey for Reforgix, but it's also a testament to the enduring power of timeless games and the community that surrounds them. We invite you to join us on this adventure as we revive old memories, forge new legends, and strive to create gaming experiences that inspire and unite players across the globe.

Mission Statement

At Reforgix, our mission is to forge new legends while restoring old memories within the vibrant realm of gaming. We are driven by a deep appreciation for gaming's rich history and the nostalgia it evokes. We strive to bring forgotten gems back to life, breathing new vitality into cherished classics. Simultaneously, we embark on a relentless quest to create innovative and captivating gaming experiences that propel us into the future.

With a passionate team of visionaries and developers, we seek to bridge the gap between generations, crafting interactive adventures that transcend time. We are committed to meticulous restoration, ensuring that every revived game remains true to its original essence while harnessing the power of modern technology.

Through our dedication to excellence, we aim to ignite the flames of excitement and wonder in the hearts of gamers worldwide. Our pursuit is fueled by the belief that gaming is not just a pastime, but a gateway to boundless realms of imagination, connection, and entertainment.

Join us on this epic journey as we forge new legends, restore old memories, and create unforgettable experiences that inspire generations to come. Together, let's shape the future of gaming and leave an indelible mark on its ever-evolving landscape.

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